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Through more than eight years of industrial experience I have gained an insight into all stages of browser based software and website development. I have primarily worked in full-stack roles (contract and permanent), on new builds, from their inception to their deployment. In my spare time I am currently focusing on learning Elixir, Rust, GoLang and learning more about cyber security and penetration testing.




Six Agency (contract)

Backend Developer

Building APIs in node.js for a multinational company. Working with IPCC & DEFRA datasets, Worldpay integration, Salesforce integration.


    eKeeper (contract)

    Software Engineer
    (1 yr 6 mos)

    Working in a full-stack role as part of a team delivering CRM software used in the mortgage industry.

    • Modernization & PHP7 compatibility Project [Laravel | Vue.js | Vuex | PHP7 | Phan Static Analysis | Docker]
    Jul2018 (freelance)

    Software Developer
    (0 yr 6 mos)

    Maintaining the website and implementing edge caching using Cloudfront.

    • Cloudfront optimisation project
    Jul2018 (freelance)

    Design & Web Dev
    (0 yr 1 mos)

    Logo design and branding Designed and built website using Grav CMS



      Software Developer
      (1 yrs 9 mos)

      Worked in a full-stack role to deliver browser based applications for universities and other industries.



        Software Engineer
        (0 yrs 6 mos)

        Worked in a full-stack role to deliver fintech software within microservice architecture using functional programming.



          Software Engineer
          (1 yrs 0 mos)

          Worked a mixed role as a developer and Scrum Master in a scrum team for iaptus; a patient management system used by 70% of NHS trusts in England. Working within the guidelines of ISO 27001 accreditation on secure N3 infrastructure.


            Switch Systems

            Software Engineer
            (1 yrs 6 mos)

            Built finance, research and student engagement software using Zend Framework 2 for the University of Exeter.


              Webtoys (contract)

              Software Engineer
              (2 yrs 0 mos)

              Web and App builds for various clients including Birdseye, Vitec Global, Sharpham Trust, Riemann P20 and Literature Works.

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