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Through more than eight years of industrial experience I have gained an insight into all stages of browser based software and website development. I have primarily worked in full-stack roles (contract and permanent), on new builds, from their inception to their deployment. In my spare time I am currently focusing on learning Elixir, Rust, GoLang and learning more about cyber security and penetration testing.





Senior Software Engineed

Working with Laravel and AWS to build Warehouse Management System.


    Six Agency (contract)

    Backend Developer
    (0 yr 6 mos)

    Building APIs in node.js for a multinational company. Working with IPCC & DEFRA datasets, Worldpay integration, Salesforce integration.


      eKeeper (contract)

      Software Engineer
      (1 yr 6 mos)

      Working in a full-stack role as part of a team delivering CRM software used in the mortgage industry.

      • Modernization & PHP7 compatibility Project [Laravel | Vue.js | Vuex | PHP7 | Phan Static Analysis | Docker]
      Jul2018 (freelance)

      Software Developer
      (0 yr 6 mos)

      Maintaining the website and implementing edge caching using Cloudfront.

      • Cloudfront optimisation project
      Jul2018 (freelance)

      Design & Web Dev
      (0 yr 1 mos)

      Logo design and branding Designed and built website using Grav CMS



        Software Developer
        (1 yrs 9 mos)

        Worked in a full-stack role to deliver browser based applications for universities and other industries.



          Software Engineer
          (0 yrs 6 mos)

          Worked in a full-stack role to deliver fintech software within microservice architecture using functional programming.



            Software Engineer
            (1 yrs 0 mos)

            Worked a mixed role as a developer and Scrum Master in a scrum team for iaptus; a patient management system used by 70% of NHS trusts in England. Working within the guidelines of ISO 27001 accreditation on secure N3 infrastructure.


              Switch Systems

              Software Engineer
              (1 yrs 6 mos)

              Built finance, research and student engagement software using Zend Framework 2 for the University of Exeter.


                Webtoys (contract)

                Software Engineer
                (2 yrs 0 mos)

                Web and App builds for various clients including Birdseye, Vitec Global, Sharpham Trust, Riemann P20 and Literature Works.

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